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Eastern R&R Siding White Cedar Shingles

Eastern White Cedar ShinglesEastern White Cedar Shingles                 
Our Eastern White Cedar shingles are produced by master craftsmen with over 40 years of experience. These R&R (Re-butted and Re-squared) shingles are perfect for your sidewall or roofing application and come with a 40 year guarantee against decay.
Pre-finished Option
Order your shingles Olympic® "Factory Coated" a leader in architectural finishes... more
Victorian Series
These "designer cut" white cedar shingles are manufactured with pride from premium product.Available in 9 different shapes... more


Shingle Information Eastern White Cedar Shingles in Bulk

 Blue Label Grade A Extra R&R
No imperfections
 Red Label Grade B Clear  R&R 
 No imperfections up to clear line

 Lower grades available upon request

 Length = 16", Width = 3 1/2" to 10", Thickness = 3/8"

 Raw, Weathering Stain & Bleaching Oil shingles are packaged in 
 bundles.Pre-Finished and Victorian Series shingles are packaged in


 Factory Finished Shingles White Cedar Shingles Sample 2Only the finest shingles are used in these enriching applications.Only R&R (rebutted and re-squared) white cedar shingles are used. They are Kiln Dried to the correct moisture content before any coating is applied. We offer these shingles to you with 3 coating options backed by Olympic®, a leader in architectural finishes.

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Weathering Stain
This coating is formulated to turn the shingles a naturally weathered, silver-gray finish more rapidly than mother nature. Its linseed oil formula penetrates deep into the grain to strengthen and condition wood fibres. It also helps prevent unsightly mildew growth.   MachinecoatTM Solid Factory Coated Shingles
These shingles are stocked in 5 standard colors: Monterey Gray, Linen White, Safari Beige, Cape Cod Gray and Patriot Gray. Our shingles come with a 40 year guarantee. For our machine coated shingles Olympic® also offer you a 5-year guarantee against peeling, cracking and flaking on a 1 coat solid stain and a 15-year warranty when 2 coats are applied. Now available is a 25-year warranty on a 2 coat solid over a primed surface.  Semi-transparent Stained Shingles 
This coating option is for those who prefer the natural look of wood. The semi-transparent stain allows the full richness of the grain to present itself while protecting the wood from the elements. Only availble in an Olympic® 1 coat system backed by a 12-year warranty Custom Color Matching
We will gladly match any color for your custom order. Send us a sample or a manufacturers color code and we will send you pre-finished shingle samples to match for your approval. Your color options are limitless!

Benefits of Purchasing Pre-Finished Shingles

  • Most cost effective way of coating all 5 sides of your shingles;
  • Adds immediate protection and distinction to you project;
  • Coating backed by Olympic®, a leader in architectural finishes;
  • Faster installation with lower costs;
  • Reduces the need for regular maintenance


 Victorian Series Shingles  Victorian Series Shingles are manufactured from Grade A Extra R&R's Kiln Dried Eastern White Cedar. Each peice measures 5" wide and 16"long. Each box contains 144 shingles, one box covers 25 sq/ft at a 5" exposure. We are pleased to offer the following 9 patterns


White Cedar Shingles- Diamond ShapeWhite Cedar Shingles- Fish Shape
White Cedar Shingles- Half Cove ShapeWhite Cedar Shingles- Hexagon ShapeWhite Cedar Shingles- Octagon ShapeWhite Cedar Shingles- Round ShapeWhite Cedar Shingles- Square Shape
White Cedar Shingles- Arrow Shape




 Fish Scale

 Half Cove