Rebutted & Rejointed Cedar Siding Shingles are manufactured specifically for use on exterior and interior wall surfaces. They are a low maintenance siding product that adds decades of beauty, texture, durability and insulating qualities to any project, whether it is new construction or a renovation.

All of our Siding Shingles are machine trimmed for parallel edges and have smooth butts with all four corners sawn at right angles. They are available in a variety of factory finished options to suit your specific project. We provide a wide range of color options including a custom matching process, making your choices virtually limitless. Cedar Siding Shingles provide the highest insulation value of any siding product on the market and are manufactured from a 100% renewable resource making it the environmentally sound choice.

There are three species of Cedar R&R available. Please click on the pictures below for more information and pricing.

Eastern White Cedar

R&R Siding Shingles
Our Eastern White Cedar shingles are produced by master craftsmen with over 40 years of experience. These Re-butted & Re-jointed shingles are perfect for your sidewall application and come with a 40 year Warranty against decay. The shingles are available both natural or with a selection of Olympic® Factory Finishes.

Western Red Cedar

R&R Siding Shingles
The most popular choice for Siding Shingles for over a century, Western Red Cedar R&R’s are prized for their longevity, for their natural resistance to rot, for their insulation quality and, most of all, for the timeless beauty they add to any home. Manufactured from the finest Canadian fiber right here in BC, best Cedar Siding shingle in world.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

R&R Siding Shingles
Our Alaskan Yellow Cedar R&R Siding Shingles are cut from only the finest Canadian Old Growth fiber, right here in British Columbia. With a lifespan equivalent to Western Red Cedar, but with a superior density and strength, Alaskan Yellow Cedar R&R’s are an excellent choice for those that want a beautiful siding that lasts a lifetime.