Direct Cedar Shingle Panels

Direct Cedar Supplies is proud to offer what is simply the best shingle panel on the market today. Our shingle panels, cut from 100% Old Growth Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar, are the ONLY panels on the market today that have:

  • Keyways that don’t line up when the panels are properly installed
  • Mitered corners with keyways built in
  • ½” thick shingles standard on all of our panels
  • We are the first to offer shingle panels in beautiful, old growth, Alaskan Yellow Cedar!!

Our panels are available in both Even and Staggered Butt, both open and closed keyway, and at both 5.3″ and 7.1″ exposures. Western Red Cedar is available in both mixed grain and vertical grain. Alaskan Yellow Cedar Panels are available only in vertical grain. See below for a point by point breakdown of panel specifications and features.
Call Direct Cedar Supplies today for a no-hassle quote!! We ship Direct from the mill to your job site or business!!

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  • Western Red Cedar (Fine Grain)
  • Handcrafted and Pre-assembled
  • Shingles are Kiln Dried to 10-12% Moisture Content
  • 4’ or 8’ Single Course Panels
  • Available in 3/8” or 1/2” Thick Butt
  • Profiles: 7.1” and 5.3” Exposure
  • Even Butt-line and Staggered Butt-line
  • Open Keyway and Closed Keyway
  • Keyways do not line up
  • Core is Exterior Grade Plywood
  • 3/8” Plywood Backer
  • Scribed Guideline for nail placement
  • 160 Panels per Lift (approx. 1400 lbs.)
  • Dimensions of a lift 2’ x 4’ x 96”
  • 7.1” – 21 Panels per Square
  • 5.3” – 28 Panels per Square
  • Lifts are Paper Wrapped/Packaged
  • Installation time faster than hand applied shingles
  • Flush 45 Degree Bevel Corners to match
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Mixed Grain Shingle

Butt TickenessSizeStylePanels per Square
1/2” 1/Course7 1/8”Even Butt21
1/2” 1/Course7 1/8”Open Keyway21
1/2” 1/Course7 1/8”Staggered21
1/2” 1/Course7 1/8”Stag Open Keyway21
1/2” 1/Course5.3"Even Butt28
1/2” 1/Course5.3"Open Keyway28
1/2” 1/Course5.3"Staggered28
1/2” 1/Course5.3"Stag Open Keyway28

Vertical Grain Shingle

Butt TickenessSizeStylePanels per Square
3/8" 1/Course7 1/8”Even Butt21
3/8" 1/Course7 1/8”Open Keyway21
3/8" 1/Course7 1/8”Staggered21
3/8" 1/Course7 1/8”Stag Open Keyway21
3/8" 1/Course5.3"Even Butt28
3/8" 1/Course5.3"Open Keyway28
3/8" 1/Course5.3"Staggered28
3/8" 1/Course5.3"Stag Open Keyway28

Please order an additional 5%-10% to provide for waste, starter courses, and cuts.

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping quoted separately.

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